Quite Simply, the Best Guarantee Cleveland Has to Offer.

We’re proud of what we sell... And we want you to enjoy your purchase for a lifetime, that’s why we offer a Guarantee that is second to none.

Guaranteed Satisfaction.

If you are not completely satisfied, return your jewelry within 30 days of purchase and you may exchange your purchase or receive a full refund.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Guaranteed Quality.

We guarantee that your Howard’s diamonds and gemstones conform to United States Bureau of Standards Specifications for brilliance, clarity, carat weight and color.

Guaranteed Appreciation in Value.

Howard’s will increase the value of your diamond by 5% annually up to four years; e.g., should you purchase a larger, more expensive diamond, your present diamond will be worth 20% more than you originally paid for it after four years.

Guaranteed Full Trade-In.

Howard’s will allow the full purchase price of your diamond (excluding taxes) towards the purchase of a larger, more expensive diamond.

Guaranteed Full Trade-In
Guaranteed Replacement

Guaranteed Replacement.

Howard’s guarantees the FREE replacement of any diamond or precious stone lost from its mounting--for New jewelry, this applies for a LIFETIME. For Certified Like New jewelry, this applies for ONE YEAR. The Warranty is valid when the stone is lost through no fault of the wearer, and upon fulfillment of maintenance inspections every six months.

All certified like new Rolex watches are accompanied by a one year warranty. 

You must bring in your jewelry to Howard’s Jewelry Center every six months for stone tightening and inspection—and perform any required repair work that we recommend—in order to fulfill the condition of the Replacement Guarantee.

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